How I used Serpstat to rank my SEO services on top 3

I am an SEO consultant. At the beginning of 2018 I launched the Up-SEO ( project, through which I wanted to offer SEO optimization services to national and international clients.

Behind the project, I was just myself, from creating and building the site to optimizing for search engines. Everything was made from A to Z by me.

I graduated in law. I have always been attracted by web and internet. For SEO, I use the most efficient and complete tools on the market, in particular SerpStat and Screaming Frog, very useful for analyzing and monitoring keywords, domains and competitors.

I also use all Google products, including Data Studio, Search Console and Analytics. Of course, personal experience is very important.

Using SerpStat in my project

First of all I tried to determine for what SEO services I could rank. I started looking for the keywords I would deserve to work with. The numbers did not look bad at all, but it was too early to try to optimize the site for a competitive keyword like “SEO Milano”.

The keyword search tool offered by Serpstat has helped me in my decision.

With this tool I made a clear idea of how I should structure the site to reach my goal: getting strong positions in Italian search results for keywords like: “consulente seo milano”, “esperto seo milano”, “esperto seo”.

The second important step on my way to the online success of my site was to see who my competitors are.

A simple step to achieve. Again the utility of SerpStat says its word. Some clicks and all the information I need is on my pc’s screen.

Now I know about my competitors’ online strategy:

● their most important pages
● source of backlinks
● anchor text used by them
● topics treated in published articles
● approximate number of visitors

I had all that was needed. After I downloaded the data to my computer ( by the way, with this tool you can download the data you need in several formats ), I started to work on the content of the pages, backlinks and the rest of the SEO activities that could have helped me conquer Milan from SEO services point of view.

The results I have obtained

At the time I write the article, I think I can say I’ve reached my goal. With the help of SerpStat and my knowledge of SEO, I get the top positions for keywords like: “Esperto SEO Milano”, “Consulente SEO Milano”, “Esperto SEO”.

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