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SEO Consultant. Dedicated To Grow Your Business

I am an SEO consultant and a freelance. I run this property website by 2016.

This site was born like a personal SEO experiment, in the UK hight competitive online property market dominated by big property portals, online agents and powerful old estate agencies.

I start learning SEO and to use Serpstat – a comprehensive platform for search engine optimization. It is designed to help website owners improve their performance in major SEO areas, specifically marketing, search analytics, content marketing, PPC, and more.

With all information in my hands, I was able to determine how my competitors achieve success in the SERPs rankings, to execute effective SEO campaigns, leave some important competitors behind and drive my website towards top results.

seo consultants
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SEO Consulting

I can be your regular SEO consultant providing advice, working with your website and providing single SEO services; no contracts at all.


SEO Reporting

Know about the performance of your website for sales purposes. I can also analyse your competitor’s online marketing strategy in Google search.


Search Strategies

I can assist in your overall online marketing strategy, or take over the SEO strategy and work with you ongoing. I’m a SEO freelancer consultant.

Do you need a free SEO consultation?

There has never been a more crucial time for an estate agency to maximize its online presence in the most effective way possible.

There are so many companies with great products and services, but if your estate agency is buried in the search results to the point that consumers can’t find you online, you essentially don’t exist.

I am here to solve that problem through Search Engine Optimization.

If you are interested to improve your online presence I will provide you with my best recommendations, tactics, and steps that will take to improve your search engine ranking and help you achieve your goals.

The first step is to determine how your website is currently ranked.

SEO Consultants. What to ask them?

Hiring SEO help can make or break your estate company. The amount of things you need to consider when hiring a SEO agency or a freelance consultant to perform search engine optimization (SEO) on your site, does require some knowledge of how a proper SEO program is run.

That’s because when done right, SEO is a manual effort involving strategy, content marketing, and understanding your audience and their specific needs and optimizing the pages in your site to not just rank well, but to engage the ideal client you’d want to contact your business.

You don’t need to be an expert to hire one; you just need to know what questions to ask and what answers to expect:

  1. What are the strategies they use for taking any site at Google’s top results?
  2. Have they good knowledge of word press?
  3. Have they detailed knowledge of both on page and off page SEO?
  4. How many pages of the website will optimize on an ongoing basis each month?
  5. How many backlinks can we expect per month?

Avoid Web/SEO Agencies With These ‘Red Flags’

  • You hear the word “guarantee” a lot – Very few things in the SEO world can be guaranteed. If your SEO agency is making lofty promises left and right, be wary.
  • The company promises to get your website thousands of backlinks – You need to have high-quality links from authority sites pointing to your site, not thousands of links from low-authority sites that will inevitably bring yours down.
  • ‘Secret Methods’ – You can be sure that your would-be SEO agency is a bad one if they use the ‘secret method’ line in their pitch.
SEO Consultant. Dedicated To Grow Your Business
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