Sell My House Online

sell my house online
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So, you want to buy, rent or sell a property online? Here is the right place to find how to do it. According to Realtor, 90% of home buyers searched online during the process of seeking for a property and the percentage of consumers searching for information relating to real estate on Google has increased by 253% over the last years.

How can I sell my house online?

You have 2 option:  Sell Your House Online with Help from an Estate Agent  or Sell Your House Online Without an Estate Agent

Steps to sell your house online:

1. Add value to your home Invite an estate agent for a free valuation or interior designer over to check out your home. Many estate agents will do this as a courtesy, but you will probably have to pay a consultation fee to a designer. Check with several designers in your city area; a standard hourly fee is normally less than £100, and in an hour they can give you lots of ideas for needed improvements. Even small suggested improvements, such as paint colours or furniture placement, can go a long way toward improving the look and feel of your home.

    • Refresh with paint

Looking for a quick way to value your living space? Before you go changing layouts or knocking down walls, try giving your interior a fresh coat of paint. This fairly simple task can dramatically alter the look, value and feel of your home.

    • Update flooring

Looking for an easy way to refresh tired rooms and boost the value of your home? Look down. Flooring may not be the first thing you think of when you are looking for a quick upgrade, but a new floor always boost your house value.

    • Quick kitchen fixes

The kitchen is still considered the heart of the home. Potential home buyers make a beeline for this room when they first view a home for sale, so make sure your kitchen looks clean and reasonably updated.

    • Makeover the bathroom

Working with a designer or architect may be a right move for someone wanting to remodel their bathroom on a budget, but it is money well spent. Add some glam to your powder room with affordable new features, such as a dramatic mirror and glass and chrome accent shelves and towel bars.

  • Rethink window treatments


sell your house online for free


2. Ask an online estate agent for a free house valuation

Before you ask for a free online house valuation you can discover the sold house prices in your area using HousesInSale’s free tool. A valuation is an informed and objective inspection and estimation of the value or the worth of a thing.

3. Choose an estate agent to sell your house quickly and for the best price

How to Sell Your Home Online for Free

The only way to sell your house online for free, without paying any kind of commission or marketing fees, is to find a buyer who isn’t working with an estate agent, either by advertising your house on free property websites, or by finding them through your social network.

Keep in mind this will limit the number of potentials clients who see your home, which could reduce how much someone offers for it because there’s less competition. If you go this street, most estate agents recommend that you at least have a property lawyer review the paperwork to make sure you are protected in the transaction and that you are properly transferring ownership of the property.

Sell My House Online
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