Apartment vs. Flat

You will see this term when you look into properties for sale on different property portals.

Two forms of residential facilities are becoming very popular around the world: apartments and flats.

Different british estate agents have their own definitions. Basically apartment and flat is the same. But what is the difference between a flat and an apartment? Apartment is another name for a flat, especially in America and Canada.

Apartment: the name for usual homes in USA, Canada, Hong Kong, etc.
Flat- This is just how ‘apartment’ is said in the U.K, is a term mostly used in Europe to signify an apartment.

There is no physical difference between an apartment and a flat, they both could look like each other. A flat is the British English equivalent of the word apartment.

A flat is a single-family suite of rooms including a kitchen and at least one bathroom situated in a building with multiple such suites, a flat is generally a rental property.