HousesInSale: the blog you should be following

This website was started & developed in 2016 with the idea of being a property portal, where estate agencies could have listed their properties. Due to server-side difficulties, the site crashed several times. At that point, I quit the idea, even though I started to appear in Google for good keywords.

However, the site has been built as an advertising service for local estate agents, landlords, property owners, and others with properties they wanted to advertise for sale or rent.

This site is was a personal project, I want to see if I can rank high in Google for high competition keywords for “property” related terms. Also, I want to offer a free alternative (or low cost in the future) for property listing.

After a few months, the website already achieved pages 1 and 2 on Google for some keywords, including “Rightmove alternatives”, “Zoopla alternatives”, “Estate agents today”, and “Property portal UK”.

After more than 1 year of inactivity, I decided to keep this project online and publish some articles from time to time.